Preview ad tags on Desktop and Mobile Web!

Easy Tag is a tag diagnostic tool, which let's you:

  • New! Emulate an AdSense iFrame
  • New! Disable JS
  • Render arbitrary HTML
  • Preview DoubleClick tag contents
  • Test how the tag will function on SSL pages
  • Get all relevant DoubleClick IDs associated with the tag and creative
  • Troubleshoot tag and creative issues

To start, just paste in your tag or HTML in the box on the right -->

What about In-App?

Whilst Easy Tag is good for previewing creatives in mobile web (use the QR code to open the preview page on your mobile), it might also be useful for you to preview your creatives inside an app, if you're running in app campaigns.

The "Creative Preview" app available on Android is the best option for this!

Get it on Google Play Get it on the iOS app store

You can also learn more about the app on Google's help center.

Step 1: Paste in the tag / HTML

Make sure you're pasting HTML from a source you trust
Megadash Usage Tracking Pixel, see https://goto/megadash-tracking